February 26, 2015

Sustainist Media Launches I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv

Ithaca, NY – February 26, 2015 –¬†Sustainist Media, publisher of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, the award-winning blog and magazine, launched a new website today: I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv.

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv focuses on music videos and is aimed at the same contemporary music lovers that make up the core of readers of the blog and the magazine.

A YouTube for new music

The new responsive website pulls a curated selection of videos from mostly YouTube, Vimeo and organizes them in categories: Vintage, Concerts and Recitals, Documentaries, etc. A tagging system will also help visitors find related content by composer, ensemble, duration, etc.

User-generated content

In response to the ever-increasing number of artists who promote their music through video, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv will allow visitors to submit videos through an online form. All videos will be held for review before being published on the site.

The platform is not currently monetized but some opportunities will surely arise once its popularity increases.